Monday, 2 May 2011

Scottish Borders Holiday

This week I am staying in an apartment in Peebles. The apartment is within a property called Kingsmeadows situated right on the River Tweed (see photo).

The weather is pure blue skies, the temperature only chilled by a wind off the North Sea. In sheltered corners it is pure bliss.
Spent some time cleaning out my dirty palettes ready for a season's painting en plein air. Yes, I did say palettes in the plural. I do have a few. Why you may ask? Well, they do have different colour set ups, are different sizes and weights. Lightweight ones tend to travel abroad and the bigger metal ones stay more local.
Painted a small cottage scene today on Khadi paper. I have a pad which measures about 5 inches square and I am working on a series of these cottage paintings. This one took about 30 mins including drying time. 

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