Saturday, 31 January 2015

Peploe and Kirkcaldy Art Gallery

What a treat. 

Visited the Art Gallery in Kirkcaldy, Fife today to catch the watercolour exhibition again before it finishes tomorrow. It features well known Scottish artists such as Anne Redpath, Elizabeth Blackadder, George Gillies and my personal favourite, Arthur Melville.
Melville had two large works on show, one of a bullfighting scene in Spain and the other of the gondola boatyard in Venice.

Moving through the rest of the gallery I was able to view, in no particular order, a Lowry, Jack Vettriano, Hornel, J D Fergusson and Sickert.

One room, however, was dedicated to Samuel John Peploe and this was an absolute treat. The range of subjects included a self portrait, still lives and highland landscapes. 

If you get the chance, I would recommend going along to view it.
(Sorry there are no images as it may breach copyright but you can google the artists )


  1. The two Melville paintings are treasures. That man's mastery of the watercolour medium is unbelievable!

  2. You are so right Ken, if I could produce one of the Venice Boat Yard even half as good I would be delighted.

  3. Shouldn't worry about copyright, when enquiring of galleries if you can use an image the usual response is ' if you are using for educational purposes it's okay'. They only baulk if you are trying to use the image for profit. Anyway, I know the bullfight painting and also love it, don't think I've seen the boatyard one. Went to the Peploe exhibition in Edinburgh, last year or maybe the year before and love his work. In fact there are many wonderful Scottish painters that I admire, Guthrie being my particular favourite.