Wednesday, 1 July 2015

Baby Wet Panel Carrier

Hello again,

I've been busy again today building a smaller box to take 7 x 5 inch canvas panels (or MDF etc). This time I've created a twin box allowing 12 panels to be carried. This is the one I'm taking with me to try out in Venice next week. Photos are further down but do have a read through first.

I had quite a lot of valuable feedback from artists on Facebook, for which I thank you. Someone thought, and it did occur to me, that having the sides cover the lid meant it would be difficult to reach the panels, especially when covered with paint.  So I built this box with the sides lowered and the lid widened.

I haven't found this to make a huge difference to reaching the panels except for the outer one but did cause the lid to have a little bit of sideways moving at the clasp end. This was resolved by adding a pin (you might see a tiny hole near the clasp on some of the photos).

I still prefer the initial style as it both protects the lid and creates better stability all round. That's the way I will proceed.

Now, when it comes to removing panels from the box it can be done using fingers but in a couple of photos I have shown a small bulldog clip in use on both boxes. An alternative is a pair of small needle nose pliers.

When I go into production all boxes will be varnished (and can be wood stained if requested) plus will have either a handle or shoulder strap (or both) as options.

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Bulldog clip in use on 12x10

Bulldog clip in use on 7x5

7x5 twin box with 12x10 behind

twin box full (12 panels)

twin box empty

7x5 box with its 12 panels
7x5 on top of 12x10

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