Monday, 8 February 2016

My Art Demo in RS Hanna Gallery

There's been a blog post written about me by Pit, a resident of Fredericksburg, Texas.

It includes step by step photos of one of my demos in the gallery where my work is on the walls. Pit owns two of my paintings so it was a great pleasure to meet him. Please follow the link below to read Pit's post.

I'd be delighted if you leave comments on both mine and Pit's blog page and please do share it wherever you are connected on social media, the more the merrier.

I'll be posting more about my trip to Texas soon with photos of course so keep watching.


  1. Checked out Pit's blog. So glad your demos have gone down well over there. Good luck with the rest of your time there. Look forward to seeing you on your return.
    Alan Booth

    1. Thanks Alan and thanks also for the comments. Looking forward to catching up with you all soon.